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  • Can adults get scoliosis braces? Yes. And there are several bracing options available.

    A soft scoliosis brace can correct curvature such as this | Call your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona | (480) 892-0022

    A soft scoliosis brace can correct curvature such as this | Call your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona | (480) 892-0022

    Soft Scoliosis Bracing and The Advantages It Has

    As we covered previously, adults with scoliosis can be successfully treated with bracing for pain and poor posture caused by scoliosis. In cases where the adult spine is very flexible, it may be possible for a brace to make a small reduction, but as a general rule; improvements in pain and posture are the primary goals in treating adult scoliosis.

    There are various advantages of choosing a soft scoliosis brace over a static or hard brace. One of them is how suitable soft bracing is for patients, particularly those who are self-conscious about their appearance. A soft scoliosis brace can be easily concealed under clothing, and no we’re not referring to a bulky sweater.   People who have medical conditions need to keep their dignity while enduring treatment for their condition.

    Is a Scoliosis Brace Uncomfortable?

    A soft scoliosis back brace is worn over an undershirt or t-shirt to help prevent irritation to your skin. At first, it can seem uncomfortable, but as you get used to it, you can resume all your normal activities. Wear it as tight as possible to keep it from rubbing against your skin.

    Another benefit of scoliosis bracing is that it can be worn at any time of the day, for almost any activity and even while sleeping. This
    provides the braces extra time to adjust the spinal curvature. Soft scoliosis braces are custom fitted.  Although a soft scoliosis brace is meant for patients with idiopathic scoliosis, it may also be worn in other cases, such as an injury  with a doctor’s prescription of course.

    How does a soft scoliosis brace work?  For the soft brace to work, it must be fitted so that the curvature is pushed gently back towards regular alignment.  Another goal of soft scoliosis bracing is to also increase muscle strength and improve mobility. A soft brace helps the patient become more independent, and making them less dependent on medications by decreasing pain.

    Ultimately, it will depend on what your chiropractor recommends.  Some cases of scoliosis can only be treated by surgery.  Usually when scoliosis surgery is done, two vertebrae are fused.  Scoliosis surgery is actually quite rare before you panic.  It is usually only prescribed in .03% of scoliosis cases.  Other than scoliosis bracing, the other form of scoliosis treatment is observation.

    Sometimes, a patient can literally grow out of scoliosis, and merely has to come back in for follow up examinations.  Whichever option your scoliosis chiropractor recommends, accept and follow the treatment.

    That way you are on your way to correcting your scoliosis.


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