what to expect

Your First Visit

At Correct Scoliosis/ Pivonka Chiropractic we always make sure to get a detailed history and account of every patient. On your first visit to our office you will undergo consultation with one of our doctors. Following consultation specific examinations will be performed, which may include physical, postural and X-ray exams. After the exams you will be scheduled for another visit to return and go over the results of the exams and then a treatment regimen will be recommended. If you have films from another provider we may ask to keep them for a day or two to evaluate them.

Those patients who are coming to us from far away we are aware that coming back for multiple visits is not always a reality so we will do our best to do the evaluations and post consultation on the first day you are with us. This may have to be done on a Friday afternoon to allow for extra time.

The Second Visit

Once our doctors have had a chance to evaluate your exams you will return for another consultation. During this consultation your postural exams and films will be shown to you and then a treatment regimen will be recommended. If your child has a smaller curve and you live close then a recommendation for in office CBP chiropractic rehabilitation may be given. If you live a distance away than a home treatment regimen may be given with monthly or quarterly follow ups.

If the scoliosis is moderate to severe and your child has a high chance for progression than a brace may be recommended based on the type and degree of the curve.

Once the treatment plan has been agreed upon then we will discuss how your insurance plan will or won’t help and what you or your family can expect to pay out of pocket for the treatment plan.