Treatment Options for Scoliosis Contd.

Bracing is one of the many treatment options for scoliosis.  Here are some common forms of scoliosis braces.

Scoliosis Treatment Options Depend on a Lot of Factors | 480-892-0022
Scoliosis Treatment Options Depend on a Lot of Factors | 480-892-0022

Scoliosis Bracing:  The Many Types Available

Whether it is soft scoliosis bracing or another type, your chiropractor will be able to determine which sort of brace is right for you. TSLO Brace This is the most common type of brace and is also known as underarm brace or Boston brace. The TSLO brace is made from plastic and is fitted to the body of the patient. It applies three-point pressure to the curve to prevent it from progressing. It is generally worn under clothing and is thus not noticeable. The Boston brace usually needs to be worn 23 hours a day, and can be taken off when the child gets involved in activities like swimming, gym or while participating in sports. The TSLO brace is commonly prescribed for those children who have a curve in the thoraco-lumbar or lumbar part of their spine. Milwaukee Brace This brace is quite like the Boston brace but also has a neck ring, which is kept in place with the help of vertical bars that are attached to the brace’s body. The Milwaukee brace is also supposed to be worn 23 hours a day and can be taken off when the child participates in activities like swimming, sports, or takes part in gym classes. This type of brace is generally prescribed when there is a curve in the thoracic spine. Charleston Brace This is also known as a “nighttime” brace as it is worn only while sleeping. A Charleston brace is attached to the child when he bends to the side, so that it can apply more pressure, and the child is thus bent against the curve.  As already mentioned, this brace is to be worn by the child when he sleeps. Children can go to school, and take part in every activity normally, without anybody realizing that they have scoliosis. As per various studies, the Charleston brace is as effective as the other braces that have to be worn 23 hours a day.

Scoliosis Treatment: Final Thoughts

Surgery If the spinal curve is more than 50 degrees, and the bracing system does not provide any positive result, then the doctor will recommend a surgery. However, the doctor will consider various surrounding factors before suggesting a surgery. The surgery helps to correct the spinal curve, and prevent the condition from getting worse. Even though it will not result in a perfectly straight spine, but it will certainly prevent the condition from getting worse. One key thing to note is how rarely surgery is prescribed.  It is usually in about 1% of all cases.  Generally the curvature must be either acute, progressing or both.  There are many other more scoliosis treatment options available to patients these days.

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