“Told to live with it by other providers”

My daughter has scoliosis. I took her to two different children’s specialists who told me “She isn’t bad enough for surgery. She will just have to live with her deformity.” They both then proceeded to show me other children’s X-rays who were “really bad”. Neither specialist offered any therapy or treatment. I took her to Dr. Andy and he told me he could take 10 degrees off of her 24 degree curve. After a few appointments I could see the difference in her posture. We came back to a recheck and her X-ray showed a spine straightened by 10 degrees! He is still working on getting it down from a 14 to a 10 degree curve. I am so thankful he was able to help my little girl.

Lisa Hazlewood

“Patient for 20 years”

Doctors Andy and Patti provide a family atmosphere and an encompassing view to Chiropractic Care for their patients. Resolving the problem and ensuring that the patient remains healthy is the key to their success as Chiropractors. My family and I have been a patients of the Pivonka’s for almost 20 years and without question would recommend them to anyone.

Steve Lieber

“The whole family is served here”

Feel welcome as each patient is greeted by name and always with a smile. The whole family is served here. I have two of my daughters currently patients there and both have had amazing results. One has had severe scoliosis improved dramatically and the other has had chronic pain and headaches relieved. The proof is in their x-rays. I can see improvement! Still working on getting my teenage son in but it’s only a matter of time.

Cindy Ravine

“Great doctors, and great people”

Dr. Andy and Dr. Patty aren’t just great doctors, their really great people too. The office staff and everyone there is so friendly and inviting…they’re like family. I initially started seeing Pivonika Family Chiropractic when my lower back went out completely due to an incident on a dirt bike. After 10 days of bed rest and several office visits for therapy, my back was feeling better than ever. I now go weekly for maintenance and just started Dr. Andy’s 20 minute workout at their office once a week. Thanks for keeping me healthy!

Ken Sherman

“Highly recommended”

My wife and I have been going to Pivonka Chiropractic for years and we haven’t felt better. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and feel better. Thanks Dr. Andy and Dr. Patty for all that you do!

Sam Roose