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Types of Scoliosis Bracing

There are several types of scoliosis braces out there.  But first a little information on scoliosis itself. Scoliosis and How to Treat It What is scoliosis?  Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine or backbone bends sideways in a c-shape or s-shape. Basically any spine section could be bent but the most common disorder […]

Scoliosis Bracing Fast Facts

If your spine doctor has recommended scoliosis bracing as your treatment option, you probably have a lot of questions about it.  So with that said, here are some quick facts about scoliosis. Scoliosis Facts First off, what is scoliosis?  Scoliosis (sko-lee-O-sis) is a spinal disorder with a sideways curve of the spine.  Usually curves occur in […]