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Scoliosis and Adults

Scoliosis is often thought to affect children and teenagers, however, it can also affect adults as well.  It is called late onset scoliosis… Late Onset Scoliosis Late onset scoliosis is a fancy term for scoliosis that affects adults instead of young people. According to this University of Maryland Medical Center artcile: “Degenerative adult scoliosis occurs when […]

Scoliosis Bracing for Adults Part 2

Part two of a series on scoliosis bracing for adults explores types of scoliosis. Diagnosing Scoliosis in Adults The danger of scoliosis in adults is that a lot of times, people equate curvature of the spine with children and teenagers.  However, late onset scoliosis does affect some adults.  Some adults need bracing, some surgery, and some just […]

Scoliosis Bracing for Adults Part 1

Part one of a series on scoliosis bracing for adults explores the things that can cause scoliosis. Late Onset Scoliosis and Disease Scoliosis is often equated with children and pre-teens, however, adults can develop scoliosis as well. What causes scoliosis in adults?  One cause is spina bifida.  Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”) is a developmental […]

Scoliosis Q&A

Scoliosis is a condition that is often misunderstood.  This article will attempt to address some common misconceptions about curvature of the spine and what can be done to treat it. Who Gets Scoliosis? Who gets scoliosis?  Well first off, you have to realize that there are generally considered to be two main types of scoliosis: […]