spinecor® Brace

Is the SpineCor® Brace Right For My Child or Me?

What does a SpineCor® brace do? A SpineCor® brace helps to stabilize and correct idiopathic scoliosis in cases of fifteen degrees up to 40 degrees. If you want an innovative and revolutionary brace, look at getting a SpineCor® brace, especially if you have been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis.
Let’s face it, a lot of earlier scoliosis braces made being physically active challenging. With a brace like the SpineCor® brace, exercise is definitely possible. In fact, patients fitted with the SpineCor brace are encouraged to be physically active while wearing it. If you have any questions about being able to do your favorite sport while wearing this brace, be sure to ask Dr. Andy or Dr. Patty.

SpineCor®: No More Turtle Shell

The earlier scoliosis braces had another problem: they were very bulky. Most people that wore them had to wear something like an oversized sweater, or a pullover to hide the fact that they were wearing a scoliosis brace. That’s fine in a cold place like Antarctica, but what if you lived in Arizona? That’s another reason to be glad for the SpineCor®, it’s unobtrusive.

You can wear it under your clothes, and in most cases, no one will be the wiser. As your chiropractor in Gilbert with a clinical emphasis on scoliosis treatment, we will even make sure it’s a perfect fit. SpineCor® is more than a brace, it is a process. Just before the patient’s first appointment, their medical condition is discussed. Then during the patient’s first visit to the facility they’re evaluated before they’re fitted for a brace. These evaluations include X-rays, postural evaluation, and overseeing it all is the SpineCor® Assistant Software (SAS) program. This software will also specify the exact brace fitting details to custom fit the brace to each individual.

Once the brace is fitted, the patient is evaluated for any changes. A new x-ray of the patient wearing the brace is then taken to confirm the results. At the end of the visit to our chiropractic clinic, the patient will be shown how to take off as well as put on the brace. The patient will need to make further visits to their clinic for regular readjustments to the brace for the duration of their SpineCor® treatment.

How Long Do I Have to Wear a SpineCor® Brace?

The SpineCor® brace is usually worn for 20 hours per day. The four hours out of the brace should be taken at 2 two hour intervals. The brace must be worn while sleeping. But as it is a lot more comfortable than other braces, this isn’t a challenge. The length of SpineCor® treatment will depend on the child’s age when the treatment is started and the severity of their curve. It is always a minimum of 18 months.

Adolescents typically wear braces for an average of 26 months, whilst juveniles may require brace treatment for many years. Except for swimming, children are encouraged to do any sports they want wearing the brace the whole time. Like all scoliosis braces, it has several advantages, as it is non invasive, and in some cases the treatment can be accelerated. SpineCor isn’t just for children and adolescents, it is also for adults as well. Is SpineCor right for you? Give us a call and let’s see.