Soft Scoliosis Bracing and Your Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona: Treatment Options For the 21st Century (Contd.)

Soft scoliosis bracing is incredibly effective in treating scoliosis.

A Soft Scoliosis Brace Is Effective and Comfortable | (480) 892-0022
A Soft Scoliosis Brace Is Effective and Comfortable | (480) 892-0022

Soft Scoliosis Braces and Reducing Curvature

As we covered previously, studies have shown that scoliosis bracing has a 75% success rate, showing the ability to decrease significantly the progression of spinal curvatures to remain consistently under the surgical threshold. While scoliosis bracing does not reverse any curvature that has already occurred on the spine by the time that it is administered, it has been proven to prevent any further progression of the curvature. Any such reversal can only be achieved through correctional surgery, which is only advised if the curve nears or reaches 45% of the Cobb angle. Scoliosis bracing ensures that the curvature does not reach that level, and therefore helps the child avoid any need for surgery.

If scoliosis is left untreated and the spinal curvature reaches 50 degrees of the Cobb angle by the time an adolescent reaches skeletal maturity, it continues to progress throughout adulthood. The effect of this would be serious physical deformity which would most likely culminate in corrective surgery later in life. Bracing is therefore aimed at halting the progression of the curve completely or preventing it from reaching the 50 degrees Cobb angle threshold before maturity. It is important that the bracing be initiated early on, before the adolescent years if the goal is to stop the progress of the curve completely. If the aim is to prevent it from reaching the 50 degree threshold before skeletal maturity, it important to note the difference between maturity ages for boys and girls. Girls achieve skeletal maturity between ages 14 and 15 while boys achieve this between ages 16 and 17.

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The concept behind the scoliosis brace is that bones that experience compression grow less while those that experience distraction grow more. The idea, therefore, is to slow growth on the bones which are on the side that has grown so much as to cause a curve while increasing growth on those which have shown slow growth. Thus, the scoliosis brace is made in a way that enables it to release the load on the inner side of the curve (the concave), while increasing the load on the outer side of the curve (the convex). That way, the uneven growth of the bones in the spinal chord is arrested and the progression of the curvature halted. Scoliosis bracing will not reverse the curvature that had already taken place before it is administered. It does, however, prevent any further curving of the spinal chord until the person reaches skeletal maturity, beyond which point the bones no longer grow, and further curving becomes unlikely.

There are mainly two types of scoliosis braces, which are used as per the doctor’s recommendation. Plastic braces are referred to as rigid braces due to their inelastic rigid nature. Your chiropractor in Arizona will be happy to assist you.


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