Soft Scoliosis Bracing: 21st Century Treatment for Scoliosis (Conclusion)

Corrective bracing for scoliosis helps to straighten out spinal curvatures.

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As we covered previously, soft bracing was developed about twenty years ago by a team of doctors who were unimpressed with the traditional way of treating scoliosis with a rigid brace. The result of this medical revolution is the SpineCor brace.The SpineCor brace is a soft brace for treating scoliosis and it is one of the most researched type of scoliosis braces in the world.

Benefits of Soft Bracing as a Treatment for Scoliosis

There are several benefits of soft bracing over the traditional rigid bracing. One of them is that it is more comfortable for a patient to use and it is also concealable. Soft braces can be easily hidden and concealed under the clothes of a patient. This ensures that patients are provided with an effective way to treat the condition while still retaining their dignity. Furthermore, a soft scoliosis brace feels comfortable. According to a survey of patients using the soft scoliosis brace, most respondents were of the position that the soft braces are so comfortable that the body adjusts to it with time and no discomfort would be felt. In essence, soft braces feel like a natural part of the body.

Another benefit of the soft scoliosis braces is that it could be worn at anytime of the day and during any type of activity even when going to bed. This provides more time for the braces to be able to correct the defect in the body. This is not the same situation with rigid braces which can only be worn for certain periods of time because of the discomfort associated with it.

Furthermore, a soft brace is a better alternative to a rigid brace because rigid braces constrict breathing and bone growth. The implication of this situation is that when a rigid brace is being used for the treatment of scoliosis a patient is at the risk of other health complications which can occur as a result of improper breathing or body movements. This is a fundamental reason why a soft scoliosis brace is better than its rigid counterpart.

One more reason why the standard treatment for scoliosis should be the use of soft braces and not rigid ones is that soft braces encourages productivity in patients while rigid braces impedes productivity. Scoliosis patients who are being treated with the traditional/rigid brace more often than not find it more difficult to perform several tasks that they would have easily performed without using a rigid brace. Aside the substantial loss of productivity, patients who use rigid braces would find it difficult to fit into the society and suffer from severe loss of self esteem. Soft scoliosis bracing is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive and concealable treatment alternative for scoliosis. It should be considered at all times over any other form of corrective treatment for scoliosis.

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