Soft Scoliosis Braces: A Viable Scoliosis Treatment Option (Conclusion)

Scoliosis bracing for adolescents can help to correct scoliosis early |480-892-0022

A soft scoliosis brace is all the stronger for its flexibility.

Some patients can literally grow out of their scoliosis, and do not need a scoliosis brace fitted. 480-892-0222
Some patients can literally grow out of their scoliosis, and do not need a scoliosis brace fitted. 480-892-0222

How a Soft Scoliosis Brace Helps Because of It’s Flexible Nature

As we covered previously, generally, sturdy things are thought to be more efficient than softer ones. However, when it comes to scoliosis bracing, there are much more benefits of using the softer braces than the hard ones.  While it would be difficult to sleep comfortably with a hard brace, you can conveniently sleep in a soft one. Moreover, soft braces can be worn during the day or at night. One of the main reasons soft braces were established is because, despite being useful, other types often have negative side effects on the patients.

Research has found that other types of braces, like static ones, tend to cause other health complications. Static and hard braces are likely to constrict the abdomen and affect breathing and even bone development. A soft brace will never cause breathing problems due to its flexibility feature and it also does not hinder bone growth.

Change Your Life:  Get a Soft Scoliosis Brace Today

A lot of patients’ lives change for the worse when they start wearing hard braces, mostly because their daily routine drastically changes. Studies have found that patients who go for soft scoliosis bracing remain more active than those who choose hard bracing. With reduced mobility, patients with hard braces become less productive, and in some cases some experience low esteem. But, once they switch to soft scoliosis braces, they can move around more comfortably and do activities they wouldn’t be able to do with hard braces.

If you have a patient suffering from scoliosis and you are thinking of getting a soft brace, nothing will work better than the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace. It took over 20 years of research to come up with this product. The result was a product that works by encouraging movements in the right direction and is the only brace suitable for both adults and children.

There are three main scoliosis treatment options.  They are:  observation, bracing, and surgery.  Observation is the most common, particularly in younger patients.  It’s possible that a patient can and will grow out of the curvature.  The next treatment option is surgery.

Scoliosis surgery is actually quite rare.  It is prescribed in less than one percent of diagnosed cases. So that leaves the final option of scoliosis bracing.  Scoliosis bracing is effective in curvatures of less than 30%.

If you have scoliosis, check with your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.  He or she might very well recommend soft scolisosis bracing as a treatment option.

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