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  • Soft scoliosis bracing is one of the better ways to treat scoliosis curvature in the modern age.

    Some patients can literally grow out of their scoliosis, and do not need a scoliosis brace fitted. 480-892-0222

    Some patients can literally grow out of their scoliosis, and do not need a scoliosis brace fitted. 480-892-0222

    Soft Scoliosis Braces Offer Flexibility

    As we covered already,there are a number of issues with this type of brace that makes it a less than ideal choice. The main problem is that a hard, rigid plastic scoliosis brace is very uncomfortable to wear. It was designed specifically to limit the range of motion of the patient. The problem here is that one of the main problems that scoliosis causes is a muscular imbalance. Since a rigid brace prevents the patient from being able to move around and provides rigid support, it can actually make the muscular imbalance even worse.

    The other major problem with a rigid scoliosis brace is that it is very uncomfortable to wear. Being hard and plastic, and purposely constricting, the brace is not something that anyone enjoys wearing. The problem here is that in order for ascoliosis brace to work it has to be worn for the majority of the day, and that usually includes at night when the patient is sleeping. Since the brace is so uncomfortable many patients don’t comply with their treatment by not wearing their brace as much as they should, or even at all. Then without a properly used brace, their scoliosis can get even worse.

    Get a Soft Scoliosis Brace and Keep Up Your Treatment

    So how do you get patients to be more willing to wear their scoliosis brace? You do it by using soft Scoliosis bracing. A soft scoliosis brace is much more comfortable to wear than a rigid one, which means that patients are much more likely to wear them as much as they should. What makes this type of brace particularly impressive is the fact that in addition to being more comfortable to wear, it’s actually a superior type of brace.

    A soft scoliosis brace allows a patient much greater range of motion when they are moving, which helps to develop muscle rather than having it atrophy. So a soft brace can help to correct the issues of a muscular imbalance, which is one of the main problems that people with Scoliosis have to deal with. The point here is that a soft scoliosis brace is more comfortable as well as more effective, which makes it a far superior option than a rigid brace.


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