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  • As a scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona, we are well aware of all of the potential scoliosis treatment options available to scoliosis patients.

    There are several scoliosis treatment options available from your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona | 480-892-0022

    There are several scoliosis treatment options available from your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona | 480-892-0022

    Scoliosis Bracing and Patient Mobility

    As we covered previously, Since a rigid scoliosis brace is not a good option, what other choices are there for patients? A far better choice is a soft Scoliosis brace. A soft Scoliosis brace provides the type of support that a Scoliosis patient needs. That means that when worn properly it can help to prevent further curvature of the spine just as well if not more so than a rigid brace can. In fact, in many cases, a soft scoliosis brace is more effective simply because of the fact that a patient is more likely to comply with wearing it as much as their doctor recommends.

    Patients tend to be more receptive to wearing a soft scoliosis brace because it is much more comfortable for them. Unlike a rigid Scoliosis brace, a soft brace allows a patient much more freedom of movement. That means that instead of having a rigid brace binding their body in an often uncomfortable or painful manner, they have a soft brace that bends and flexes with them. So when a patient wears a soft scoliosis brace they can live a more normal life and enjoy a much wider range of activities than someone could hope to if they were wearing a rigid brace.

    Benefits of a Soft Scoliosis Brace

    Without a doubt the most important benefit of a soft scoliosis brace is the fact that it can help to correct the muscular imbalance that plagues most scoliosis sufferers. While scoliosis cannot be cured, it’s symptoms can be controlled to a large extent with proper treatment. Correction of muscular imbalance is a highly effective way of improving the posture of a Scoliosis patient while also helping to reverse any existing curvature of the spine.

    For any scoliosis patient that has been using a rigid brace switching to a soft brace is often a life-changing moment. When a patient changes to a soft scoliosis brace the first thing they will notice is that their comfort level will greatly improve. They will feel less inhibited in terms of how they are able to move, and they won’t have to deal with the pain that a hard brace can cause.

    So for increased mobility and more comfort, there is an effective scoliosis treatment option available.  Get a soft scoliosis brace today.

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