Soft Scoliosis Braces: Correct Scoliosis Today (Conclusion)

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A soft scoliosois brace is one of several different treatment options.

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Call Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022

As we covered previously, for those who do require treatment, there are several options. If you suffer from scoliosis you are well aware of the negative impact it can have if left untreated for too long.   And some scoliosis treatment options are better than others.

Scoliosis Treatment Options:  Hard Braces Vs Soft

A hard brace is difficult to conceal under your clothes.  To an adolescent, or pre-adolescent, it can make the patient feel self-conscious.  A hard brace also has a tendency to squeeze the abdomen and chest. This leads to a decrease in pulmonary functions and breathing capacity. Since breathing impacts muscle composition, hormone regulation, and cognitive ability, this is a huge issue. In fact, studies have found that children who wear hard braces all day have a decrease in pulmonary function that is comparable to the decrease found in long-term smokers.

Soft braces are designed to move with your body, allowing for a larger range of motion than a hard brace. The ability to move while wearing a brace means your joints and muscles will get the exercise they need it order to remain strong and healthy. Also, soft braces help redirect the body’s motion, so it can create corrective muscle memory. Over time, this helps the spine to correct itself. Thanks to this, the corrections brought about by a soft brace can actually become permanent.

Soft Scolisois Bracing:  Easy to Conceal, As Well as Adjust

Both hard and soft braces are made to fit each individual’s personal spinal curvature. However, adjustments to a soft brace are easier to do and can be accomplished more quickly than refitting and recasting a hard brace.

As a bonus, soft braces are much easier to hide under clothing than hard braces. This can help boost the self-esteem of both adolescents and adults. It allows for a higher level of confidence and helps you avoid all of the nagging questions that people seem to have when they see a brace.


Having scoliosis shouldn’t keep you from fully enjoying your life and treating it shouldn’t be difficult or uncomfortable. You have options to make living with this condition more pleasant and to keep it from getting worse. It simply makes sense to take advantage of these opportunities. You don’t have to settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.  Call your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.


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