Scoliosis Treatment for Teenagers Part 3

Part three of a series on scoliosis treatment for teenagers addresses some common fears that teenagers have regarding treatment.

Why Are Teenagers Afraid of Scoliosis?

Help Address Your Teen's Concerns with Scoliosis Treatments | (480) 892-0022
Help Address Your Teen’s Concerns with Scoliosis Treatments | (480) 892-0022

Why are teenagers afraid of scoliosis? Even without the shadow of bullying in our schools, being a teenager isn’t easy.  Quite a few teenagers feel out of place as they transition from middle school to high school, and it is during this time that a lot of self-esteem issues develop.

Teenage girls wonder if they’re pretty enough or smart enough.  Teenage boys even now still want to be perceived as tough and strong.  They are surprisingly fragile and all it can take to put them into a body image crisis is someone else who is also insecure insulting them because they are different in some way from the “norm.”   These self-perception issues can exacerbated with a scoliosis prognosis.  Teenagers aren’t afraid of scoliosis as such, they’re afraid of what can come as a result of being diagnosed with scoliosis.

Why is Scoliosis Considered So Bad?

Why is scoliosis considered so bad? It isn’t scoliosis itself, it’s the scary idea of having either to wear a brace that will mark them as an outcast in school, or having to go through a surgery to correct it.  Severe scoliosis can lead to a different gait which in turn can also cause them social problems.  How can you help your teenager if they have scoliosis? Talk to them.  Let them get their concerns out.

Meet with your doctor to go over the options and help them address each treatment option thoroughly.  Above all else, teach your teenagers the lessons that will help them throughout their life.  Teach them to value who they are, and to never let anyone define them.  And make sure they know one thing:  scoliosis is not the end of the world.

This concludes part three of our series.  For more information on scoliosis treatment for teenagers, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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