Scoliosis Treatment for Teenagers Part 2

Part two of a series on scoliosis treatment for teenagers explores an often neglected treatment option for scoliosis: exercise and physical therapy.

Exercise and Scoliosis

Have Your Doctor Review Your Scoliosis Treatment Options | (480) 892-0022
Have Your Doctor Review Your Scoliosis Treatment Options | (480) 892-0022

Does exercise help with scoliosis?  Yes and no.  Exercises to help with scoliosis have not been proven to improve scoliosis.  This caused exercise as a treatment option for scoliosis to be dismissed.  However, recent studies have reopened this as a possible treatment option.

It turns out that the test was flawed in that a lot of teenagers were skipping exercise.  The only teenagers that were actively pursuing the program were doing so because they were getting into various athletic programs at school.  So, exercise is still being studied to see if it is effective or not.   One thing to note however, is whether or not exercise is an effective treatment option for scoliosis, exercise does help by maintaining positive self image and overall good health in teenagers.

Will Physical Therapy Help With My Scoliosis?

Will physical therapy help with scoliosis?  Like exercise for scoliosis, tests are being conducted to see if physical therapy can help where scoliosis is concerned.  Physical therapy can be useful in other ways, however, particularly with secondary symptoms.  For example, if a patient is having problems with their hips or legs as a result of increased stress because of their condition, that’s where physical therapy can help.  It can also help where breathing is concerned.

So while exercise and physical therapy haven’t been proven to help directly that doesn’t mean they’re not to be considered, particularly in light of their overall benefits.  When you’re in doubt, consult with a scoliosis specialist in your area.

This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on scoliosis treatment for teenagers, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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