Scoliosis & Chiropractic Care

This case is a 14 year old female with a mild scoliosis.  This young lady is an avid dancer and did not like the idea of having to wear a scoliosis brace.  In this case we decided that her scoliosis could be treated with Chiropractic care as she was already fairly advanced in her age and her Bone Age indicated that she was not at great risk of her scoliosis advancing rapidly.  Our treatment plan involved 3 modalities.  Postural based Chiropractic adjustments, specific Scoliosis exercises and Scoliosis traction using both a standing traction device in office and a home use orthotic termed the ScoliRoll.  This patient visited our office 3 times per week for 3 months and the films below reveal her results.  At the beginning of care she had a 25 degree lumbar scoliosis and at the end of three months her curve was reduced to 5 degrees.  Overall this represents a 20 degree improvement in her scoliosis.  These are the types of results we expect with a this type of case.

Cwestpre                               Cwestpost2

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