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Here is some helpful information about treatment from your scoliosis chiropractor.

Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022
Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022

Scoliosis Brace or Not?

Should you get a scoliosis brace?  Or should you go with another scoliosis treatment option such as observation or surgery?  The final treatment should always be entirely up to  your chiropractor or other neuromuscular specialist. however.

a scoliosis brace works for adolescents as well as children and adults, however, adults or children that were never diagnosed might have to get surgery to correct the curve in their spine. Most people can live with this condition but in some cases it is too severe to live with. If the patient has to get surgery, they will be referred to a spinal orthopedist or neurosurgeon to get the surgery because scoliosis chiropractors can only do minor surgeries and this one is a major one.

Will You Need Scoliosis Surgery?

Will you need scoliosis surgery?  Usually during surgery for scoliosis, two or more vertebrae are permanently fused to bring the spine into alignment.  Before you panic about surgery, most times, scoliosis surgery is extremely rare.  It usually only happens in about 1% of cases.  Most of the time, a spinal doctor will recommend either observation or bracing.

The best way to treat scoliosis is to get diagnosed early so that the patient’s doctor or chiropractor can take corrective measures.  The quicker scoliosis is corrected the less likely it will be to cause health problems for a patient as they grow older.

If not then the patient will have problems when they are older with pain and other problems that may come with the imperfection with their spine. The spine is a very important part of our bodies, and we want to make sure that it is in great shape, or we could have problems walking, sitting, and so on. So if you think you might have scoliosis, get it checked out and treated because if you don’t you are in for a lifetime of pain and suffering.

We are doctors, and we don’t want to see any of our patients suffer when they don’t have to.  So remember, if there is a history of scoliosis in your family, get into a doctor to have a spinal exam done.  That is the only sure way to make sure that you don’t have some sort of scoliosis, and what option you will need to go with depending on your curvature.

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