A Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona and The Right Soft Scoliosis Brace (Conclusion)

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A soft scoliosis brace is the latest generation of scoliosis treatment options.

How Can a Soft Scoliosis Brace Help You? | Call Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022
How Can a Soft Scoliosis Brace Help You? | Call Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022

Why a Soft Scoliosis Brace?

As we covered previously, a properly fitted scoliosis brace also allows the patient to move smoothly for while sitting or standing. What’s more, the braces also aid in recovery. If worn at the early stages of the condition, scoliosis braces can even lead to the total recovery of the patients especially the adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. Rigid bracing restores the alignment of the spine by using external force.

Charleston Bending Brace
This is a nighttime type of brace. It is custom made to fit on the torso of the patient. This scoliosis brace is made to be worn when laying down. This brace is thus able to apply more force on the spine.

Providence Brace
Just like its counterpart above, it is best suited while sleeping. This one elevates the one shoulder and applies forces, both lateral and rotational on the spine.

Some of the studies conducted have proven that the longer the period that a person spends with a scoliosis brace, the higher the chances of scoliosis not progressing. Each type of the scoliosis brace is best suited for a particular type of spine curve.

Your Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona and Your Options

When reviewing scoliosis treatment options, your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona will consider several factors such as the severity of the condition as well as where the curvature has appeared. For kids, who are still growing, they have higher chances of correction.

The choice of a scoliosis brace depends on your flexibility as a patient, the type of and severity of the curves you have, and the position and the rotation of the vertebrae. In case you are wondering where you can get soft scoliosis braces, your scoliosis specialist can get one for you easily.  It’s never a good idea to order scoliosis braces online as they work best when they are fitted by a scoliosis chiropractor.  And if you’re not careful, and you order a brace that is not a proper fit, you could end up causing far more damage than you fix.

In conclusion, there are a lot of immediate and long-term benefits that a scoliosis patient can derive when he decides to use a soft scoliosis brace to correct abnormal curvature of the spine.


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