Scoliosis Bracing and Playing Sports

Do you have to wear a scoliosis brace?  Want to play sports?  Well, nothing is stopping you…

Scoliosis Braces Can We Worn Even if You Play Sports | (480) 892-0022
Scoliosis Braces Can We Worn Even if You Play Sports | (480) 892-0022

Scoliosis Braces and What You Can Do With Them

One of the most pervasive myths we’ve seen is the myth that if you wear a scoliosis brace, you won’t be able to play sports at all.  This is not even remotely true.  If, for example, you were playing sports before you had to wear the brace, you’ll still be able to play them after you have to put it on.

Some sports will require you to take your scoliosis brace off while you play, but usually that is not even an issue.  Usually the level of curvature where you have to wear a brace will not be affected by you playing sports.  So, if you want to play volleyball with your friends or other non-contact sports, then go ahead. You can do anything the other players on the field can do.  What about contact sports, though?   We know that sometimes, particularly with younger patients, that they’re concerned about getting injured if they have to deal with a scoliosis brace.  There really isn’t anything to be worried about, however, if you’re concerned, however, make sure you consult your doctor regarding your scoliosis brace and sports.

Can You Take Off Your Scoliosis Brace for Sports?

Can you take off your scoliosis brace for sports?  The answer to that question depends entirely on what your doctor recommends of course.  Some levels of curvature require a patient to wear a scoliosis brace for 23 out of 24 hours.  Others on the other hand require a patient to wear a brace only a few hours in the morning and/or evening.  In a lot of cases, though, you certainly can remove your brace before a game or a practice, and just put it back on later.  However, again, follow the advice of your physician.  Under no circumstances stop wearing your scoliosis brace completely unless that is what your physician recommends.

A scoliosis brace should be there to help you correct a problem, not cause you a problem.  If you want to play sports, and your doctor is okay with it, then by all means hit the court, the field, the diamond, or wherever you play your particular sport.  And just wear your scoliosis brace as directed by your doctor.

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