Scoliosis Bracing With the Help of an Arizona Chiropractor (More)

Your scoliosis chiropractors in Arizona can discuss the treatment options available to you.

Pivonka Chiropractic is your Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona |(480) 892-0022
Pivonka Chiropractic is your Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona |(480) 892-0022

As we covered previously, there are several different ways of treating scoliosis, such as scoliosis bracing. One effective solution for scoliosis is scoliosis bracing. Scoliosis bracing is diverse, with most of it now being soft scoliosis braces like SpineCor. A soft scoliosis brace is flexible and is concealed beneath a patient’s clothing. This is important as many juveniles are diagnosed with scoliosis. Being a teenager is hard enough without being conspicuous in wearing a hard plastic brace. Soft scoliosis bracing is a good treatment option. Surgery is used for those people with serious and complicated scoliosis. Rods or hooks are implanted to straighten the spine.

Postural Equilibrium and Scoliosis Bracing

Disturbances of postural equilibrium (or what is called proprioception) have been found in idiopathic scoliosis, and several researchers have suggested that this is a result of brain stem disturbances. It has been shown experimentally that stress on posterior nerve roots can also cause spinal deviation. That’s where an option such as scoliosis bracing can be incredibly effective

Following a head or neck trauma one area that is commonly damaged is the proprioceptive system of the neck. Proprioception is your body’s ability to perceive your position is space. The upper cervical spine has the most dense collection of proprioceptors in the body. When these proprioceptors are damaged people tend to have an all sorts of different problems. An Upper Cervical Corrective Procedure is designed to correct this underlying cause in order to restore proper neurology and physiology to the body. This underlying proprioceptive imbalance could be another reason why Upper Cervical Care is so effective in helping those with scoliosis. This care also includes soft scoliosis bracing.

Who Can Get Scoliosis?

Anybody can be affected by scoliosis. Children, teenagers, middle aged and elderly can develop the abnormal curving of the back. This is prominent among children and teenagers because they grow so fast, hence the curving of the spine can be very visible.

A person with scoliosis changes their physical appearance. You will recognize a person with scoliosis because of his jutting or imbalanced shoulder. Sometimes there is even a bulge on his back, which is not clearly visible because of a dual curving, as the spine had a twofold curve.

Ultimately though, an expert’s advise is necessary.  You would need to consult a scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.


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