Scoliosis Bracing and Treatment Options (Conclusion)

Soft scoliosis bracing is one of the more intriguing developments in scoliosis treatment.

Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022
Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022

Scoliosis Treatment Options and the Effectiveness of Bracing

Recent developments in scoliosis treatment options are geared in reducing the impact caused by braces on patients. Soft braces encourage corrective alignment in the anterior plane as this increases safety for the patient. Where soft braces were not used, lumbar lordosis was not effective. Soft braces provide the corrective ribbons a wider degree of adjustment. This makes soft braces a universal therapy as they can be used on other indications other than scoliosis treatment. However, patients had difficulties using the initial soft braces. Physicians came up with better soft braces which allow three dimensional movements.

Generally, bracing is the only recommended non-operative correction for scoliosis. It is effective on idiopathic scoliosis on children before their skeleton develops fully. Girls can undergo the treatment until the onset of their menstrual cycles, but the treatment is still effective for boys at the age of 14. Older patients with curvatures exceeding 30 degrees are only treated through observation.

Is Scoliosis Bracing Right For Me?

Scoliosis bracing may fully combat scoliosis development or produce only partial results. Since it is only a corrective procedure, it is hard to foretell with precision how much correction it can achieve. However, a higher percentage of patients treated through bracing show significant improvement. Bracing significantly treats scoliosis patients with a curvature less than 30 degrees. By the end of the therapy, scoliosis patients are in a position to perform normal chores just like the other people.

Although doctors determine the best therapy for scoliosis patients, bracing is indispensable. Doctors still use back braces even when they recommend spinal fusion surgery. Bracing prevents further curvature development allowing children more time to grow. By the time the operation is performed, the spine is developed significantly. Spinal fusion surgery stops further growth of the spine.

Scoliosis treatment by soft braces results to the best quality life as reported by patients. The soft straps offer higher degrees of flexibility compared to hard braces. Users, most of whom are children, suffer fewer traumas in the company of their peers. Children wearing a soft scoliosis brace can carry their routine activities without anyone noticing the extra apparel. Most importantly, recent soft scoliosis brace inventions offer effective correction without inflicting much pain. Scoliosis bracing has a higher potential of growth than operative means of treatment.

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