Scoliosis Bracing and Juvenile Self-Esteem

Scoliosis bracing for juveniles with scoliosis is important, however, it is also important to keep your child’s self-esteem up

Scoliosis is a Curvature of the Spine that Responds well to Scoliosis Bracing | 480-892-0022
Scoliosis is a Curvature of the Spine that Responds well to Scoliosis Bracing | 480-892-0022

Scoliosis Treatment Options and Juvenile Self-Esteem

In an ideal world, a child wouldn’t be teased for having a scoliosis brace.  However, that’s not the world that we live in sometimes.  If teased about their brace, there is a danger for an adolescent or pre-adolescent to not wear it, which is a bad thing.  Not a lot you can do about the bullies themselves, but there is something you can do.  You can help your child develop positive self-esteem.  Here is a helpful article excerpt from

“Today’s teenagers are confronted with a variety of tough issues, including their physical appearance, who they choose as friends, how they behave in public, how well they perform in sports and school, and much more.

As a parent, you want to help your child be as successful as possible, especially when it comes to their self-image and self-worth. Most importantly, perhaps, is that you want your child to grow into a confident and responsible adult, thriving in all areas of life. But that isn’t always easy. Many teens struggle to be accepted, both by the outside world and by themselves. Parents can play a very important role in helping to build their teen’s sense of self. ”

Tip #1: Set Boundaries and Expect Them to Follow Rules
Just like younger children, teenagers need boundaries. So establish firm rules and expectations that fit your family’s lifestyle and values. For example, if you’re a single parent and need your teen to help start dinner before he heads out with his friends for the evening, explain clearly to him why this is important. Make it understood that you expect this to be done regularly and outline consequence that will follow if it isn’t. Clear rules communicate the value that you have for your child, and when your children know they are valued, this is the first building block of self-esteem.”

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Another thing you want to do is manage their self-talk.  Don’t let them label themselves with words like “loser’ or some other derogatory word if they have to wear a scoliosis brace.

Scoliosis and a Child’s Development

A lot of what we do is the mechanics of scoliosis treatment, however, like all forms of treatment, there is the human cost as well.  That’s why you want to listen to your chiropractor, and don’t panic if the word “scoliosis” comes up.   More than likely your child can be fitted with a brace that is all but invisible under clothing.  We will continue this article, but for now know, that in addition to bracing, self-esteem is vital.

If you have scoliosis, or know someone who’s been diagnosed, there may be several different scoliosis treatment options available to you.

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