Scoliosis Bracing and Juvenile Self-Esteem (contd.)

Scoliosis treatment options include things like scoliosis bracing.  You want to make sure your child doesn’t suffer any unnecessary self-esteem related problems as a result of having to wear a brace.

Scoliosis can Affect Anyone | Call to Arrange an Appointment | (480) 892-0022
Scoliosis can Affect Anyone | Call to Arrange an Appointment | (480) 892-0022

Scoliosis Bracing and Your Child’s Self-Worth

If your child has to wear a soft scoliosis brace, he or she might struggle with their self-esteem.

According to the site Quick and Dirty Tips, there are several ways to foster self-esteem in  your children:

“Tip #1: Set Boundaries and Expect Them to Follow Rules
Just like younger children, teenagers need boundaries. So establish firm rules and expectations that fit your family’s lifestyle and values. For example, if you’re a single parent and need your teen to help start dinner before he heads out with his friends for the evening, explain clearly to him why this is important. Make it understood that you expect this to be done regularly and outline consequence that will follow if it isn’t. Clear rules communicate the value that you have for your child, and when your children know they are valued, this is the first building block of self-esteem.

Tip #2: Be Generous With Praise
Too often we focus on what our kids haven’t done or haven’t done right. Tune in to the positive things your teen has accomplished and offer specific praise. If your daughter has a talent for assembling things that are difficult for most of us, tell her how much you admire that ability and how it helps make your life easier around the house.

When praising, include compliments for their efforts as well. If your son has been having difficulty landing an after-school job, let him know you are pleased with how hard he’s been trying and that you know eventually his efforts will pay off. Be sincere with your praise. If you slather it on too thick, many teens will feel you’re paying them lip service and you’ll defeat the whole purpose of pumping them up. Be generous, but don’t lay it on for every single good thing they do.”  [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

Scoliosis and Your Child

What does self-esteem have to do with scoliosis bracing?  Consider if you will.  Children are developing their personalities and most importantly of all, their confidence and sense of self.  Strong self-esteem helps children throughout all areas of their lives.

So work with them, and encourage them. Praise them when they do something right, withhold praise when they do something wrong.  And encourage them to wear their scoliosis brace as prescribed by your doctor.

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