Scoliosis Bracing and Exercise

If you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis, do you know what scoliosis treatment options are available?  This article will cover some of the choices that you have available while attempting to answer some frequently answered questions.

Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022
Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022

Can I Do Exercises to Correct My Scoliosis?

“Is it possible to do exercises to correct scoliosis?”  We get asked that question a lot.  There used to be some rather dubious data back in the 40’s and 50’s that seemed to indicate that doing some exercises helped to correct scoliosis, however, later studies brought some more information to light.  While exercise itself doesn’t correct scoliosis, it can help to halt it from progressing further and exercise is important for a patient’s overall as well as spinal health.

If exercise doesn’t reverse scoliosis, then why should I exercise?  One problem that patients with scoliosis often have is trouble breathing, particularly in patients that have a much higher degree of spinal curvature than other patients.  Exercises can help with clearing up  breathing problems as well as help to reduce pain from scoliosis.  So in short, keep exercising for other reasons, just not as a viable scoliosis treatment option.  There are other questions regarding scoliosis and exercise, however.

If I Have Scoliosis, Can I Do Sports or Exercise?

“If I have scoliosis, can I do sports or exercise?”  There is no universal answer to this question.  In about 95% of scoliosis cases, however, it is possible to exercise.  If you have scoliosis, you just have to check with your spinal specialist who can then determine if you can do exercise, particularly if you have been directed to wear a scoliosis brace of some kind.  In a great many cases, as we stated before, most scoliosis patients can exercise and wear a scoliosis brace.  Some of the newer scoliosis braces are soft and easily hidden under normal clothes which allows a patient to continue his or her daily routine.

I’ve read that it is possible to cure scoliosis.  Is that true? There are a few “miracle cures” for scoliosis, but as we don’t know all of the causes for it, particularly idiopathic scoliosis, the idea of a cure is dubious at best.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you consult a doctor for questions like this, and not just count on online research.  A chiropractor, particularly one who specializes in scoliosis treatment will be able to guide you towards an appropriate treatment regimen.

Scoliosis is a setback, but like all setbacks, there are ways to work around it.  The first thing you want to do is look into soft scoliosis bracing as one of your treatment options.

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