Scoliosis Braces: The Answers You Need

If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, and your chiropractor has recommended scoliosis bracing, you probably have a lot of questions. This article will answer each of these questions.

Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022
Get the facts about scoliosis treatment | Call Us (480) 892-0022

What Are Scoliosis Braces Made Of?

What are scoliosis braces made of?  Whether hard or soft, braces are usually made of some combination of plastic and aluminum.  The type of bracing involved determines its composition.

A hard brace is usually relatively thick plastic that keeps the patient’s body in place to correct curvature.  A soft brace on the other hand is usually very soft, pliable plastic with hard sections that target the affected section of the spine.  Whether hard or soft, however, all scoliosis braces serve the same basic purpose.

What does a scoliosis brace do?  Scoliosis braces serve two purposes.  They either correct curvature of the spine, or they stop it from getting worse.  The key to a scoliosis brace being effective is whether or not the patient actually wears them.  Some patients refuse to keep their brace on, and as a result, they don’t see the results.  In some cases, juvenile patients are too afraid to wear a brace because they fear being victimized at school.

How Does it Feel to Wear a Scoliosis Brace

How does it feel to wear a scoliosis brace?  When patients first put on a scoliosis brace, it is often uncomfortable, mostly because if someone is not used to it, it is a strange feeling.  The way to get past this is to wear it as long as you can.  When it gets too uncomfortable, take it off for a few minutes, then put it on again.   If you’re still having pain and discomfort, however, you need to contact your spinal specialist and relay your concerns to her or him.   It could be that you may need an adjustment to your brace.

The important thing to remember, is that a scoliosis brace isn’t as bad as it once was, and it can be worn under your clothing.  You can still exercise, and do the same activities you used to.  The scoliosis brace you have isn’t to make your life worse, it is supposed to help correct a problem that will get out of control if you don’t fix it.

So listen to your doctor.  Wear the brace as little or as much as he or she recommends.  That way you are on the road to controlling your scoliosis.

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