Scoliosis and Teen Self-Esteem

Scoliosis bracing has fortunately come a long way.  Which is a good thing considering that a lot of scoliosis occurs in pre-teen and teenage years.

Why Soft Scoliosis Bracing Matters

Soft scoliosis bracing can help with teen self-image | (480) 892-0022
Soft scoliosis bracing can help with teen self-image | (480) 892-0022

It used to be that a scoliosis brace was a nightmare.  It was bulky, rigid, end impossible to conceal.  Adding to the problem is what some cases of scoliosis can do to someone’s posture.  And teens are very body-conscious, particularly pre-teen or teenage girls.  According to the site About Kids Health:

“Scoliosis can affect the shape of your teen’s back, rib cage, shoulders, and hips. Sometimes these changes can affect how she feels about herself. This is called body image.
Body image doesn’t always relate to the size of the curve. Your teen may have a relatively small curve and have problems with her body image. She might refuse to wear bathing suits, tank tops, or tight fitting clothing. On the other hand, your teen may have a large curve and major changes to her body shape, without having problems with her body image.” SOURCE ARTICLE
With the introduction of soft scoliosis bracing, however, it helped to make a considerable difference in the lives of patients that were diagnosed with scoliosis. As it is more mobile, it allows more range of motion while at the same time it helps to correct the degree of curvature back into alignment.

Benefits of New Bracing Technologies for Scoliosis

As soft scoliosis bracing is a lot less obvious, it can easily be concealed under clothing, which is something old time braces couldn’t do unless it was something like a ridiculously bulky sweater.

So if your teenager is feeling self-conscious about being diagnosed with scoliosis, work with them. Don’t ignore scoliosis in the hope it will go away. Teach them the basics of positive self-talk. And discuss treatment options with your scoliosis chiropractor.

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