ScoliBrace® isn’t merely a scoliosis brace. In fact, it is an entire treatment regimen for scoliosis. Traditional scoliosis braces like a Boston Brace merely attempt to stabilize a scoliosis curve and not correct it. The ScoliBrace, with its asymmetrical design places exact pressure on the scoliosis curves, while also modifying the patients posture to provide corrective forces into the scoliosis, much like braces on teeth.

Your Arizona ScoliBrace® Provider

As your ScoliBrace® provider, we know that you happen to be an individual and your scoliosis curvature is also unique. The power of the ScoliBrace® isn’t just its ability to be custom-fitted to a patient, there is also the way that, in conjunction with imaging software, the patient’s curve can have a mirror image created to show the level of correction the brace will need to have. In fact, the ScoliBrace® can be super-corrective.

How is a ScoliBrace Made?

No two cases of scoliosis are exactly the same and no two people are exactly the same. For a scoliosis brace to be effective it has to achieve two goals. It has to put enough pressure on the spine to stabilize the curve and it has to be comfortable enough that the patient will want to wear it. Because if the patient is completely uncomfortable in the brace they won’t wear it and if it’s not worn than it can’t stop the curve.

The ScoliBrace, even though its rigid, is fairly comfortable. To construct the ScoliBrace we use some very advanced technology combined with X-rays, posture pictures and clinical experience to produce the most advanced brace in the world today. The advanced technology used to make the brace is a 3D infra-red laser structure scanner. This scanner allows us to capture an exact replica of our patients 3 dimensional body. See an example of a scan to the right.

We use this scan along with several X-rays and pictures to build a picture of the patient’s scoliosis and posture. Then we send all of this information off to the lab where they have advanced software that combines the scans, X-rays and pictures into a 3D model of the patient. This 3D model is then manipulated within the software to produce the best correction possible of the patient’s spine. Once the model is perfected than the final result is sent to the lab floor where a 7 axis robot carves an exact model of the patient out of foam. This foam model is then sprayed with the chosen plastic for the particular brace and voila the ScoliBrace is born.

Once the ScoliBrace is ready it is shipped to our office in about 2 weeks and then we fit it to the patient. This process usually takes about 30 minutes as most times we need to make a few minor adjustments to the fit for the utmost in comfort and wearability. After the fitting is accomplished then the patient leaves with the brace on and returns in a month for an X-ray in the brace to see just how effectively the brace is reducing the curve.

Following the 1 month check up the patient will return every three months to track the progress of the case and also to perform and needed maintenance on the brace. Every 6 months the patient ( if a child) will have a follow up film out of the brace to assess if the curve is stabile and if there is any significant reduction of the curves.

The goal is to first stabilize the curve and correction is a bonus. The ScoliBrace is a tremendous advancement in the the treatment of scoliosis for children and adults. Call today to see if a ScoliBrace is right for you.