New Rigid Brace options available at Correct Scoliosis

KyphoBrace-with-logo ScoliNight_-Purple_FrontCorrect Scoliosis has added two more options for the treatment of Scoliosis to our already packed line up.  First we can now help those patients who have kyphoscoliosis, with the Scolibrace Kyphobrace (furthest left picture).  This includes elderly patients with a progressive kyphotic deformity and children suffering from Scheurmann’s kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis or just postural kyphosis.  The Kyphobrace has been shown to be extremely effective in treating patients who suffer from excessive thoracic kyphosis.

Also now available is the Scoli Night Brace (picture furthest right).  This brace is extremely effective in treating single smaller curves in juveniles.  If your child is below the age of 10 and they have one curve in the lower thoracic or lumbar regions that measures below 25 degrees Cobb measurement then the Scoli Night brace is a very effective treatment option.  The night brace is a super over corrective brace that puts the child in an overcorrected position that reverses their scoliotic curvature.  It is worn at night only so there is no problem getting kids to wear it.

Adding these two braces to our arsenal allows us to handle virtually all types of idiopathic and degenerative scoliosis.  If you or your child is dealing with scoliosis or excessive kyphosis please contact us at (480) 892-0022 and our doctors will see if our treatment options will benefit you.

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