My Daughter Maddie

DSC05320DSC05321People often ask me during consults when they are trying to decide what to do, “What would you do if this was your child”? Well here is the answer.  This is my daughter Madison better known as Maddie.  This is the reason that my wife and I are involved in scoliosis bracing.  I have a scoliosis, my mother has scoliosis, so I knew that my kids may develop scoliosis.  So when Maddie was very young we began regular checks on her spine to ensure that if she did develop a curve we would be on top of it quickly.  Well as fate would have it she did develop a small curve at the age of 10 that we treated with exercises and adjustments and some traction.  At the age of 12 her curve jumped up to 20 degrees and at that point we put her into a SpineCor brace.  In her brace her curve reduces to 2 degrees and it has been stable for the last 9 months.  So if we have faith enough in this brace to put our own child into it then we hope you would as well.

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