How Do I Get a Scoliosis Brace?

How do I get a scoliosis brace?  These questions and others will be answered in this article.

Common Questions About Scoliosis

A Spinal Exam Determines if You Have Scoliosis | (480) 892-0022
A Spinal Exam Determines if You Have Scoliosis | (480) 892-0022

Our last article explored what you can do if you have scoliosis, but, for now , let’s cover it again.  Ok, you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis.  We imagine you have a lot of questions.  Questions like, “How do I get a scoliosis brace?”  First off, there must be a diagnosis in place from a spine doctor or chiropractor regarding scoliosis.  And in some cases, scoliosis is not treated with bracing.  Sometimes, all that happens is your curvature is observed to make sure it gets no worse.  See, whether bracing is suggested is dependent on what the curvature of your spine is.  Too little, and observation is recommended.  Too much curvature or curvature that shows signs of getting worse, and then surgery is the recommended treatment.

Do I need a scoliosis brace?  Again that depends on your diagnosis and the level of curvature you have. You want to make sure that you pick the right type of bracing for your scoliosis. Your chiropractor can help you get the right scoliosis brace whether that be traditional or soft.

Is scoliosis bracing right for me?  This question usually means that people are thinking of braces like a Boston brace. Something bulky, stiff, and impossible to hide even under the loosest outfit or shirt.  However, bracing is more diverse than it used to be.

Scoliosis: What You Must Know

I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis what should I know about scoliosis?  First off, know one thing.  A scoliosis diagnosis is not the end of the world.  A lot of people are devastated when they are diagnosed, particularly if they are younger.  We don’t blame them. If you’re different, sometimes, you’re the target of bullying, and scoliosis if not treated properly can definitely cause you to feel like the odd one out at school.  However, as we said, a lot has changed in the past few decades from scoliosis treatment options to new research as to what are the causes of it.  

So remember, before you go out to get a brace, make sure you talk to your doctor first.  He or she will be able to recommend your best course of action based on your spine’s curvature level.  That way, you’ll be sure you get the right treatment for your condition from observation to soft scoliosis bracing.

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