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  • Correct Scoliosis saved my daughter from having spine surgery. Catching her scoliosis early was the key to her treatment.

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  • Meet Drs. Anthony & Patricia Pivonka

    Doctor Dr. Patricia L. Pivonka, D.C. aka Dr. Patty by her patients, became interested in becoming a chiropractic provider after her own life-changing experience while playing volleyball at Colorado State University. Sidelined with a back injury, she was at risk of losing her athletic scholarship until a chiropractor relieved the pain and put her back in the game. Her team went on to claim a top 10 spot in the nation.  Her personal experience led her into chiropractic where she felt she could help others find the cause of their problem and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Doctor Dr. Anthony J. Pivonka, D.C., became interested in becoming a chiropractor with a clinical emphasis in treating scoliosis at the early age of 13. Andy’s mom, Sharlene, had a past history of surgically treated scoliosis, and it looked as though he was at the beginning stages of developing Scoliosis as well. What sealed it for Andy though was hearing the full story of the huge scars on his mother’s leg and back from the scoliosis surgery she had. His mom spent six months recovering from her surgery and in the end she suffered daily pain where her spine had been fused.

    Both doctors graduated Cum Laude from LIFE Chiropractic College, Marietta Georgia in 1993 and have over twenty three years of experience helping scoliosis patients.

  • Scoliosis can appear in children at an early age and should be monitored closely for progression. The best time to treat Scoliosis is early. Early intervention can often times reverse a mild scoliosis and prevent the curve from worsening. Our scientific-based, non-surgical Scoliosis treatment options potentially eliminate the need for painful surgeries and reduce disability and pain. 

    The 'wait and see' approach to Scoliosis treatment is outdated with advances in scientific based treatment options.  From exercise, to therapy to bracing, we offer a variety of non-surgical options if treatment is needed.

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  • Drs. Anthony & Patricia Pivonka have been featured in national media as an authority on non-surgical Scoliosis treatment options and are both bestselling authors in their field.