Exploring Scoliosis Bracing as a Possible Treatment Option For Scoliosis

Scoliosis treatment options are often brought up when we are younger.  That isn’t really a surprise, as scoliosis affects a lot of children, pre-teens, and teenagers.

Scoliosis has Several Treatment Options Including Scoliosis Bracing | (480) 892-0022
Scoliosis has Several Treatment Options Including Scoliosis Bracing | (480) 892-0022

Scoliosis Treatment and Adolescence

If we look back on our days in junior high and high school, some of us might remember being subjected to a scoliosis test during gym class. the teacher would have us stand straight up and bend forward. What we may or may not have known then, is what they were looking for. When a child bends forward you can often see their ribcage clearly, the teachers and nurses were looking for children whose ribcages protruded out to one side or the other suggesting there may be a curve to the spine.

If a parent is concerned their child may have even a slight curve to the spine they should take them to the doctor at once. Scoliosis is fairly easy to treat, even if it is not curable. The key is early detection and treatment. One of the most common treatments are scoliosis braces.

Corrective Scoliosis Braces

For many years teens have been told that in order to correct their scoliosis they would have to wear corrective scoliosis braces. They have been protesting the rigid devices since their conception. Considering there is a lack of evidence to support bracing they may have been justified to complain. despite the decades of using back braces to treat curving of the spine has produced studies with conflicting results. Where there are studies that suggest the treatment produces positive results there are also studies that suggest the opposite. While science hardly ever settles in one place for long it is a good sign when the doctors that study diseases go back to a former treatment in order to perfect it.

Now, there are results from a multi-center clinical trial that have results that suggest strong evidence of back braces working in a large number of cases, as well as some scoliosis case studies. In fact the study suggests that the longer the scoliosis back braces are worn the better the results are. During a particular study the patients would wear their braces in order to slow the progression of the spine curvature. The braces were so successful in their mission that the study ended early. In fact a lot a patients have never had to have surgery in order to correct the curve of the spine.

Ultimately, you will want answers if you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis.  Your doctor can go over your treatment options, one of which are soft scoliosis braces.

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