Exploring Scoliosis Bracing as a Possible Treatment Option For Scoliosis (Contd.)

Scoliosis treatment options vary based on the many factors.  Scoliosis braces are just one area where this variation shows up even more.

A Spinal Exam Determines if You Have Scoliosis | (480) 892-0022
A Spinal Exam Determines if You Have Scoliosis | (480) 892-0022

Why Are There Different Forms of Scoliosis Braces?

Why are there so many types of scoliosis bracing?  Because there are variations of scoliosis and each person could be affected differently.  There are different kinds of braces that are used in order to correct or slow the curve of the spine. The most commonly used brace is called Thoraco Lumbo Sacral Orthosis brace or TLSO. This scoliosis brace is often referred to as the “Boston Brace” This type of scoliosis brace is fitted to each individual child using a hard plastic material. The brace is shaped so that it applies pressure to the spin in three different places to correct the curve of the spine and prevent any further curvature. Most adolescents prefer this type of brace because it is fitted just under the arms and can be worn under clothing. The TLSO scoliosis braces are to be worn for 23 hours every day for maximum effectiveness. The TLSO is prescribed for correcting lower spine curves.

Another common type of scoliosis brace is called the Cervico Thoraco Lumbo Sacral Orthosis brace also known as the Milwaukee brace. This brace is like the TLSO mentioned above, except that is also extends to the neck and offers support there. The neck ring that supports the neck is held up by bard connected to the body of the brace. This brace is used for severe cases and is meant to be worn for 23 hours a day.

The Charleston Brace and Scoliosis Treatment

This last scoliosis brace may be more common than you think. The Charleston Brace also known as a bending brace is meant to be worn only at night. The Charleston brace is molded to the child as they bend to one side or the other. The curve in the brace is often drastic and uncomfortable which is why it is worn at night.

This scoliosis brace works by putting pressure on the spine which improves the condition. This is brace is meant for cases that are not sever and that curve the spine in a place that is lower than the shoulder blade. Otherwise it may be ineffective. Ultimately however, whether or not scoliosis braces are prescribed depends entirely on the doctor.


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