Embracing and Using Soft Scoliosis Braces

While there are many different treatment options,soft scoliosis bracing is one of the more effective methods to treat scoliosis, particularly when prescribed by a scoliosis chiropractor.

Your Scoliosis Chiropractor and Effective Ways to Treat Scoliosis

Correct Scoliosis With The Help of a Soft Scoliosis Brace | 480-892-0022
Correct Scoliosis With The Help of a Soft Scoliosis Brace | 480-892-0022

Scoliosis is a term used to explain the condition that leads to the side curvature of one’s spine which may induce it to any part but most commonly around the chest area and also the back at its lower section. For the chest area, it leads to Thoracic scoliosis while for the back, it leads to Lumbar scoliosis. Scoliosis affects the body’s overall balance and alignment.  It is unknown what causes scoliosis, so there is no cure, however there are treatment options that a scoliosis chiropractor can recommend.

It is mainly caused by an abnormality of the bones which occurs from birth, nerves and muscles abnormality, bone thinning, back surgery, illness, injury, and genetic disorder. Scoliosis diagnosis is done through determining curve magnitude through an x-ray and bone exam. This condition is noticeable through shoulders which are uneven, an uneven waist, a shoulder blade that is prominent and always leaning to one side.

Scoliosis Bracing and Reducing Curvature

Bracing is a treatment used to prevent  the spine curvature from getting worse and helps maintain the normal shape of the back. In most cases, braces are used by children since they are in their growth stage to enhance normal spine curvature in future and are normally removed after the child’s skeleton stops growing. In addition, they are also used by adults who have already developed scoliosis. Scoliosis bracing is, therefore, the use of braces to prevent one’s already curved spine from further curvature progression. However, when the braces are discontinued, the correction is lost and the curve returns. Patients with 25 to 40 degrees of a spinal curve and those that have immature skeletons, Scoliosis bracing is recommended. Scoliosis bracing is categorized into various types according to the body position where it is located.

Scoliosis braces are created differently hence they can treat the body as if it is either static (is not supposed to move) or dynamic (can move freely). The body is held intact by the hard static braces which are molded from plastic and immobilize the spine. The soft braces move with the body and helps develop patterns in movement. Research has proven that soft scoliosis braces help reduce curvatures and can treat scoliosis in both adults and children.

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