Do You Need a Scoliosis Brace? (Contd.)

Scoliosis bracing is all about taking care of a problem that your child may be having with their spine.

A scoliosis brace can straighten a spine | (480) 892-0022
A scoliosis brace can straighten a spine | (480) 892-0022

Which Scoliosis Treatment is the Best?

Which scoliosis treatment option is the best?  A physician will determine the type of scoliosis treatment to be used depending on a kid’s physical maturity and severity of the problem.

As we covered previously, you should use a scoliosis brace to keep spine curve progression at bay. Physicians will employ brace treatment when a spine curve is moderate and is progressive. A physician can also use brace treatment for a 30-degree spine when it has tons of room to grow. Kids with family members suffering from scoliosis or with additional medical conditions might have to wear a scoliosis brace.

How Can a Scoliosis Brace Help?

A scoliosis brace will keep a spine curve from growing so large that it needs surgery. The spine curve will return to its previous size when a kid stops wearing a scoliosis brace. Your kid will have to wear this brace for around 16 hours a day so that the device can do its job properly. Both an chiropractor and a physician will work together to recommend the right brace for your particular case.

The curve’s level of flexibility, its position and many other factors will determine the type of scoliosis brace a child will use. A doctor will have case studies to demonstrate.

Flexible System

A scoliosis brace is a flexible system that will not limit the movements of the body. This situation is especially true with a soft scoliosis brace. Patients will be able to perform all kinds of physical activities as well. In fact doctors say, with all the confidence that they can muster, that braces will help prevent surgery in patients suffering from scoliosis. Using a scoliosis brace is important and you should not worry about comfort. In fact, you will be an expert at dealing with your scoliosis brace in no time.

You can even use loose clothes to cover your brace. You can also play a sport and do other activities with the approval of your physician. The type of brace you have and the growth of your spine will determine the amount of time you will use a brace. Your physician will check how well your brace is working every four or six months. You might need to wear your brace for up to 23 hours a day. Some patients might have to wear a brace while they are sleeping, but these types of braces will not work well for most curve types.

Above all else, have your doctor involved.  That way you have the right scoliosis brace.


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