Correct Scoliosis Today: Get a Soft Scoliosis Brace

If you want to correct scoliosis, one possible treatment is to use a scoliosis brace prescribed by a scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.

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Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022

Scoliosis Curvature and The Right Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis is a spine condition with lateral curvature of the spine, usually to either side. The range of curvature can differ among people with the condition. Scoliosis can affect any part of the spine, however, in most cases the condition tends to affect the thoracic spine (chest area) or the lumbar region of the lower back.  As we still don’t know what causes scoliosis, there is no cure for it.  There are several treatments for it such as scoliosis bracing, observation, and surgery.

Using a Soft Scoliosis Brace

The usage of braces for anyone with scoliosis can be useful for different reasons. For children, soft scoliosis braces can work best by preventing a worsening of the condition as the bones and spine grow quickly. However, a brace will not cure the condition, it will only reduce further progression of the curve.

With a brace, the success depends on how often the brace is worn. Most spine specialists will advise children with scoliosis to wear the brace all the time, day and night. The brace will be worn until the bones stop growing. The doctor involved will check the child’s growth patterns and monitor their height. Once the bones have stopped growing, the brace does not have to be worn anymore.

There are 2 types of braces used for children with scoliosis, underarm and Milwaukee braces. The underarm brace is made from plastic and is contoured to be close-fitting under the clothes. The underarm brace can be used for curves in the upper spine or neck.

The Milwaukee brace is a full-torso brace that has a rest for the neck and chin. The brace also contains a bar in the chest and two bars in the back and is not as comfortable as the underarm brace.

Wearing a brace could help in correcting posture. These braces are of two types- soft braces and hard plastic braces. So you could wear either of the two depending upon the severity of the condition, and depending on which one your chiropractor prescribes.

In recent nationwide studies, it has been found that a lot of  cases of scoliosis are recorded among children or teens. In these cases, the condition is referred to as juvenile scoliosis.  There is also late onset scoliosis as well.

Whatever type of scoliosis you or someone you love has, the right scoliosis brace can help.  Call your scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.

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