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Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022
Correct Scoliosis Today | 480-892-0022

Types of Scoliosis and Scoliosis Braces

Scoliosis brace treatment has been around for well over 100 years in many different forms. We have hard braces, soft braces, night time only braces, and braces that are like a full body cast. These braces are used to relieve pain and to hold the distorted spine. Braces are very helpful in preventing the spine from progressing any further. This way, using braces can avoid surgery of distorted spine. Basically, the patient’s spine is encased with a device, which covers his torso and sometime neck. This is called scoliosis bracing. These braces are made of plastic or fiberglass. Braces are always custom-made. Scoliosis soft brace can be used very effectively to prevent further spine distortion in young adults and children.

The soft brace is an advanced method of treatment. Soft braces can be easily adjusted beneath clothes. Thus image is not affected. It is especially helpful for children. Since physical activity is not much impacted, children are prescribed scoliosis soft braces only. Also, the flexibility and softness provided by this brace is unmatched. Comfort becomes an important factor in scoliosis bracing.

How Long Should a Patient Wear a Soft Scoliosis Brace?

Wearing a soft scoliosis brace for for 20 hours a day does not negatively change the lifestyle and limit a person with scoliosis from doing daily routines. In fact, specialists encourage their patients to do more physical activity varying from simple exercises to strenuous workouts. Exerting more effort will likely produce great amount of resistance from the brace. At the same time, it slows down the curves from going any further and the abnormal spinal condition gradually gets better after a period of time.

Patients are allowed to remove the brace only for two hours, twice a day which is allocated for personal hygiene routines. This treatment is designed to continue for several months until the abnormal spinal curves are significantly stabilized and/or reduced or when the patient reached maturity. As the patient grows, components of the braces like bolero and the elastic bands are replaced every 1.5 to 2 years in order to adapt to the changes of the body.

It starts by making an appointment.  While any chiropractor can fit a brace, you might consider going to a scoliosis chiropractor in Arizona.

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