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Soft Scoliosis Bracing and Your Scoliosis Chiropractor in Arizona: Treatment Options For the 21st Century (Contd.)

Soft scoliosis bracing is incredibly effective in treating scoliosis. Soft Scoliosis Braces and Reducing Curvature As we covered previously, studies have shown that scoliosis bracing has a 75% success rate, showing the ability to decrease significantly the progression of spinal curvatures to remain consistently under the surgical threshold. While scoliosis bracing does not reverse any […]

Are Scoliosis Traction Chairs Effective in Treating Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Scoliosis Traction Chairs are Experimental In use since about 2005 with the CLEAR institute, Scoliosis Traction Chairs have been used for treating children with Adolescent Idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).  The principle behind their use is to elongate the spine by constraining the child to the chair using a series of straps placed at the apices of […]

Crooked teeth and Scoliosis

I am frequently asked if there is a link between kids with crooked teeth who need braces and scoliosis.  The answer to the question is YES! Several studies have been done on this topic and there is a strong evidence to support that jaw and tooth deformities, or malocclusions as they are called, are linked […]

13 year old male in a Scoli Night Brace

In some cases we see kids who have relatively small curves at a young age but after looking at all the determining factors we can tell that their scoliosis is going to progress.  One of the tools we have available to use for cases like these is a Scoli Night Brace.  The Scoli Night Brace […]

Infantile Scoliosis and bracing

Each year around 100,000 kids in the US are diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis.  Most of these children will be between the ages of 10-15.  There are, however, kids younger than this that develop Idiopathic scoliosis as well.  This type of scoliosis is termed Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) and encompasses kids ages infant to 8 years […]

New Rigid Brace options available at Correct Scoliosis

Correct Scoliosis has added two more options for the treatment of Scoliosis to our already packed line up.  First we can now help those patients who have kyphoscoliosis, with the Scolibrace Kyphobrace (furthest left picture).  This includes elderly patients with a progressive kyphotic deformity and children suffering from Scheurmann’s kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis or just postural kyphosis. […]

Scoliosis Bracing and Playing Sports

Do you have to wear a scoliosis brace?  Want to play sports?  Well, nothing is stopping you… Scoliosis Braces and What You Can Do With Them One of the most pervasive myths we’ve seen is the myth that if you wear a scoliosis brace, you won’t be able to play sports at all.  This is […]

Scoliosis Braces and Proper Skin Care

As your scoliosis brace experts, we also feel you need to know how to clean your scoliosis brace to avoid any problems with your skin. Scoliosis and Skin Care Under the Scoliosis Brace Even soft scoliosis braces can get dirty, and they are in touch with your skin.  It is a good idea to check […]

Scoliosis Braces: The Not So Hard Truth

When a scoliosis brace is recommended as a treatment option, most people panic.  They usually think of the old time braces that were painful, and virtually impossible to hide. Does a Scoliosis Brace Hurt? Does a scoliosis brace hurt?  A scoliosis brace should not hurt.   At first, a scoliosis brace will be uncomfortable because […]

Information About Scoliosis and Scoliosis Bracing

Part one of our series on scoliosis bracing focuses on scoliosis itself. Does Scoliosis Cause Pain? When a patient is diagnosed with scoliosis, like any medical diagnosis that is potentially serious, there are a lot of questions and concerns that they will have.  Most people don’t want to live with any sort of pain, especially […]