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SEAS is the acronym for “Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis,” the name is apropos with the constant changes made to the approach based on results published in the scientific literature.

SEAS is a rehabilitation program designed for individuals and fits in all situations of conservative treatment of scoliosis.  SEAS is a stand alone program in low to medium degree curvatures during growth years to reduce the need for bracing.  SEAS is also complimentary to bracing in medium to high degree scoliosis curvatures during growth.  The goals with complimenting bracing are increasing correction, preparing for weaning and avoiding/ reducing side effects.

For adults who have scoliosis curves that are progressing or have scoliosis that has been corrected with surgery, SEAS helps to stabilize the curve and reduce disability.

SEAS is based on a specific active self-correction technique performed without external aids, and incorporated in functional exercises.  Evaluation tests help the doctor with the choice of the exercises most appropriate to the particular patient.  Improvement in the stability of  the spine in active self correction is the main objective of SEAS.

SEAS exercises train neuromotor function to stimulate a reflexive self corrected posture during the activities of daily living.  SEAS can be performed as an outpatient program 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes, or as a home program daily for 20 minutes.  

In some cases, expert guided therapy sessions for an hour and a half every three months are performed to allow patients who live far away to be monitored and progressed properly for the best results.

Different paper, including a randomized controlled trial in 2014, published over the past several years, documents the efficacy of the SEAS approach applied in the various phases of scoliosis treatment.  The doctors of Correct Scoliosis / Pivonka Chiropractic are certified in the SEAS approach.