56 year old female treated with CBP chiropractic methods and a Scolibrace

C Cannon initial filmC Cannon post no brace

This case features a 56 year old female who sought treatment, with Correct Scoliosis a Division of Pivonka Chiropractic,  for mid back pain that rated an 8 daily (0 best 10 worst) due to a slowly progressive scoliosis that she has had since adolescence.  This patients initial cobb angles were 59 degrees for her top curve and 41 for her bottom curve.  For this case we elected to use both aggressive chiropractic care, using a method called CBP, ( you can learn more about CBP at this link http://www.idealspine.com/what-is-chiropractic-biophysics/ ) and a ScoliBrace.   The chiropractic care was used for 3 months prior to fitting the brace to help improve spinal range of motion and decrease her pain so that when we went to make the brace she would get more reduction of her curve.  After her initial 3 month period of chiropractic care her top curve had been reduce by 8 degrees and her bottom curve by 3 degrees, however, her pain scores had been reduce by 50% to a daily 4 and she had regained 1.5 inches of her height.  At this point we scanned her for a ScoliBrace.

Once fitted in her ScoliBrace this patient had an additional reduction of her top curve by 6 degrees and the bottom curve reduced another 3 degrees.  She has worn her ScoliBrace now 8 hours per day for 4 months and she has been receiving chiropractic care 1-2 times per month and her second film on the right, taken with her being out of the brace for 2 days, shows that she is stable in her correction of 16 degrees on the top curve and 6 on the bottom curve.

This patient now wears her ScoliBrace mostly at night while sleeping and a few hours during the day.  She has a daily pain score of 1-2 (0 best 10 worst) and her spinal range of motion is significantly improved.  Our future goal for care for this patient is to help her maintain these angles and if possible reduce them further with an exercise program performed daily at home, and also to ensure that her pain level is maintained at the minimum level.

If you or a friend or loved one is struggling with pain from an adult scoliosis and you are looking for help please call our office and have a consultation with us.  We are able to help the majority of scoliosis patients that we see reduce and stop there curve progression and regain a more active pain free lifestyle.  Call our office today at (480) 892-0022 and speak to Kim.

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Dr. Anthony Pivonka, D.C.