13 year old male in a Scoli Night Brace

In some cases we see kids who have relatively small curves at a young age but after looking at all the determining factors we can tell that their scoliosis is going to progress.  One of the tools we have available to use for cases like these is a Scoli Night Brace.  The Scoli Night Brace is used mostly on cases where we have a younger patient or one who hasn’t begun puberty and they have a lumbar or thoracolumbar curve that is below 20 degrees.  The Scoli Night Brace is designed to be worn at night and in most cases it can take these smaller curves and correct them in a short period of time as the Scoli Night Brace is a super over corrective brace and will typically reverse a small scoliosis.

This case I have here is a good example of what can be achieved with a Scoli Night Brace.  This is a 13 year old male with a 17 degree left lumbar scoliosis.  I fitted him with a Scoli Night Brace about a month ago and he has been wearing it faithfully at night.  The first pic is his neutral day one film and the second is his scoliosis in the Scoli Night Brace.  You can see that in the brace his curve reduces from a 17 degree curve to the left and goes to a 2.6 degree curve to the right.  Now when he is in his brace the curve is corrected and as he grows at night the goal is to get the deformed vertebra to improve their shape and fix the scoliosis.  I am confident that this will be the outcome in this case.  He will have an out of brace film in 2 months to check his progress and I’m sure his curve will be greatly reduced.  He should be able to go to part time wear in about 6 months, meaning only wearing the brace 3-4 night a week.

If you have a young child with a small curve and you want a bracing option that doesn’t just stabilize the curve but actually corrects the curve then give us a call and set a time to consult  with us about what a Scoli Night Brace may be able to do for your child.  Call (480) 892-0022 to schedule and ask for Kim.

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