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    • Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Options

      Correct Scoliosis/ Pivonka Chiropractic is located in Gilbert, Arizona. We regularly treat patients from all over the state. We are the only local facility certified to provide both the ScoliBrace and SpineCor Brace, along with CBP Chiropractic.  Don't limit yourself to providers that only offer one type of treatment option. 

    • Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Options

    • Chiropractic Biophysics or CBP is a Chiropractic method that places emphasis on optimal posture and ideal spinal alignment. See how we do it...

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    • Learn how a soft and comfortable SpineCor brace can help stop the progression of scoliosis in it's tracks...and if this treatment is right for you.

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    • The ScoliBrace is a tremendous advancement in the the treatment of scoliosis for children and adults.  Custom fit, scientifically advanced construction for maximum results.

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    • Improvement of the spine stability in active self-correction is the primary objective of SEAS. More specifically, the exercises implemented through SEAS are intended to train neuromotor function so as to stimulate a self-correction posture during the activities of daily life.

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    • What Our Patients Say

      Correct Scoliosis/ Pivonka Chiropractic is located in Gilbert, Arizona. We regularly treat patients from all over the state. We are the only local facility certified to provide both the ScoliBrace and SpineCor Brace, along with CBP Chiropractic.  Don't limit yourself to providers that only offer one type of treatment option. 

    • I am currently under Dr Pivonka’s care for surgically induced scoliosis from a failed back surgery. I had lost three inches in height due to my spine collapsing due to gravity. I were a scoliosis brace engineered for my spine. The short time I have been utilizing this brace I have recovered a half inch in height and my pain and mobility have improved drastically. I can not praise Dr Andy, Dr Patti and their staff enough for their analysis and efforts to have me standing up straight again. If all the experts said your destiny is to live with scoliosis pain. They are wrong. The scoliosis brace works. But it does require you to wear it for relief. Good luck with your journey mine is is much better after meeting the Pivonkas
      David B.
      David B.
      02:00 14 Apr 22
      Dr. Pivonka is an awesome doctor when it comes to correcting scoliosis. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pivonka for scoliosis for the past 3 years and the care that I received has been crucial to prevent my scoliosis from getting worse. If you follow Dr. Pivonka’s instructions, the chances of correcting scoliosis are really good. He is honest about the potential outcomes. Dr. Pivonka is truly focused on getting the best result possible for each patient.
      Naomi N.
      Naomi N.
      21:51 18 Dec 21
      My daughter's scoliosis has shown great improvement since being treated by Pivonka Health & Wellness, the staff is friendly and very informative.
      Solomon M.
      Solomon M.
      14:53 21 Nov 21
      We have been so pleased with the time and care that Dr Pivonka has shown to our 9 year old with scoliosis. She loves coming in for her visits and he really spends a lot of time to do it right. When your child has to wear a brace it’s not the best news, but when you can trust that the doctor is always putting his patient first, it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Thank you, Dr Pivonka and staff!
      Rachel T.
      Rachel T.
      20:44 04 Dec 20
      Initially I was skeptical, but I had hope that the process that was explained to me would work. That was about 2 years ago now. I have a severe case of scoliosis, and now I know that it does work, but I also know that I have to be diligent. Exercise, adjustments and roll therapy is a must. If you have Scoliosos, surgery is not the only answer. If it's severe you can stop the progression from getting worse and even correct it a bit. If it's not severe you can actually correct it. There is hope. This office has given me hope. Dr. Andy and Dr. Pat are absolutely the best. Everyone in this office is so caring and kind, with only your well-being in mind. It takes time, it takes work, but it's all about the results. Best of the best!!!
      Chava C.
      Chava C.
      16:43 16 Dec 16

    • We understand not every patient is the same and each scoliosis case requires a unique treatment regimen.  At Correct Scoliosis, we're certified in multiple treatment modalities to provide proven, comprehensive, and custom tailored treatment for your child's or your scoliosis. All of the treatments we provide are evidence based, with hundreds of scientific studies to back them up. We understand that not all cases can be treated with one method or one brace.  This is why our facility is unique when it comes to treating scoliosis cases. 

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    • An interview with Dr. Anthony Pivonka and Dr. Jeb McAviney

      This is an informative video about the state of scoliosis treatment with Dr. Anthony Pivonka from Correct Scoliosis and Dr. Jeb McAviney from ScoliCare in Australia

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    • Welcome to Our Practice

      Drs. Anthony & Patricia Pivonka have been featured in national media as an authority on non-surgical Scoliosis treatment options and are both bestselling authors in their field.

    • Meet Drs. Anthony & Patricia Pivonka

      Doctor Dr. Patricia L. Pivonka, D.C. aka Dr. Patty by her patients, became interested in becoming a chiropractic provider after her own life-changing experience while playing volleyball at Colorado State University. Sidelined with a back injury, she was at risk of losing her athletic scholarship until a chiropractor relieved the pain and put her back in the game. Her team went on to claim a top 10 spot in the nation.  Her personal experience led her into chiropractic where she felt she could help others find the cause of their problem and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

      Doctor Dr. Anthony J. Pivonka, D.C., became interested in becoming a chiropractor with a clinical emphasis in treating scoliosis at the early age of 13. Andy’s mom, Sharlene, had a past history of surgically treated scoliosis, and it looked as though he was at the beginning stages of developing Scoliosis as well. What sealed it for Andy though was hearing the full story of the huge scars on his mother’s leg and back from the scoliosis surgery she had. His mom spent six months recovering from her surgery and in the end she suffered daily pain where her spine had been fused.

      Both doctors graduated Cum Laude from LIFE Chiropractic College, Marietta Georgia in 1993 and have over twenty three years of experience helping scoliosis patients.