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  • Scoliosis Mini Camp? What's That?

    Correct Scoliosis Mini Camp is an accelerated treatment regimen for scoliosis patients with small to medium curves who live further from our clinic and are wanting to reduce those curves in a short time frame.  

    Why a Mini Camp? 

    Avoid the wait and see approach. With small to medium curves, we can make dramatic improvements in a short period of accelerated treatment, using a combination of scientifically proven methods.  See our results page for examples.

    What is a Mini Camp?  

    The Mini Camp is a 2-3 week, 2-3 times a day, 5 days a week program that is designed to reduce small to medium scoliosis curves dramatically in a short period of time.  The patient is then sent home with the necessary traction blocks and exercise programs to continue to the progress on their own.  

    Who does it help?

    We help patients with curves between 15 and 25 degrees that are not showing definitive signs of progression.  Certain curve types will have better results than other types but with intense effort we can reduce most small to medium curves in children and adults dramatically in 2-3 weeks.

    What does it cost?

    Our in office program costs about half of what others charge for similar programs and with our scientifically validated methods we can assure most of our program participants that they will reduce their curves.  We will of course review each case prior to accepting them for entry into the mini camp to ensure that it is a case that will be successful in the program.  If we feel that the case will not improve with the mini camp, other treatment options will be provided.

    How to get started?

    Call our office today to schedule a phone consultation to determine suitability for the Mini Camp.  Call today (480) 892-0022.