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  • Part one of a series on scoliosis treatment for teenagers focuses on what options teenage patients may have once they have been diagnosed. What Are the Treatment Options for Scoliosis? Soft scoliosis bracing is one treatment option for scoliosis | [...]

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    Scoliosis bracing has fortunately come a long way.  Which is a good thing considering that a lot of scoliosis occurs in pre-teen and teenage years. Why Soft Scoliosis Bracing Matters Soft scoliosis bracing can help with teen self-image | (480) [...]

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    Scoliosis is a term used for a curvature of the spine and it can effect children from ages 2-17.  The most common age for Scoliosis to develop is in adolescence between ages 10-17.  The large majority of cases effect girls about 90% of the time.  [...]

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    What makes the SpineCor brace  and the ScoliBrace different, what makes them so effective? The difference lies is in the concept of the braces. Standard Rigid TLSO braces work by forcing the spine left and right, with the 3-point pressure principle.[...]

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    September 26, 2013

    Dr. Patricia Pivonka was recently declared a bestselling author in entrepreneurship and business leadership. Chiropractor Patricia Pivonka, of Pivonka Family Chiropractic, was named a best-selling author by Amazon this week. Pivonka co-authored [...]

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